Adele DeWitt takes a risk running an experiment to see what Echo and her followers might be capable of doing with a bit more awareness. Is she afraid Echo might turn out to be another Alpha, or does she suspect something even more insidious? We learn some key details of Mellie/November's life before the Dollhouse and begin to understand what life events led some of the actives to sign over five years of their lives.

Episode Grade: A



Caroline Farrell's backstory and the events that led her to the Dollhouse comprise the bulk of this episode. This week's engagement provides a bit of a twist as the actives take control which even includes Mr. Dominic who experiences a brief lapse of judgement as the result of the experimental drug at the heart of the story. Will the Rossum Corporation continue to play a role as season one progresses?

Episode Grade: Dave A+  Wayne A



In this episode penned by Joss Whedon, we move away from the standard engagement-of-the-week approach and examine some of the moral and ethical issues related to the Dollhouse. While it's been common knowledge that the dolls are routinely sent out on sexually explicit engagements, the physical and emotional abuse taking place within its own walls becomes painfully clear. Agent Ballard takes his relationship with Mellie to the next level, but we also learn a startling fact about his lasagna making neighbor. And it's always great to feature Patton Oswalt.

Episode Grade: Dave A+  Wayne A



The season's fifth episode brings to light the far reaching impact the Dollhouse wields as a United States senator and the ATF enlist Adele DeWitt's help in bringing to justice the head of a religious cult. Sending in Echo as a blind woman drawn to the cult's leader, she provides the government eyes inside the compound and information that leads to a search warrant. Of course, things don't go smoothly, and we see that Topher's mind wipes may not be as complete as he contends.

Episode Grade: Dave B+  Wayne B



Echo, aka Taffy, leads her crew on an Ocean's 11 style caper to steal a piece of the Parthenon for a wealthy collector (Tony Amendola), but as usual, the op goes sideways. Though Boyd successfully comes to the rescue, it's the speculation that Alpha is somehow involved and Adele DeWitt's (Olivia Williams) bosses are displeased that really drive this episode. Agent Ballard's dogged pursuit continues, but he's ramped up the pressure on Lubov (Victor).

Episode Grade: A



Echo signs on as a backup singer on the Rayna Russell (Jaime Lee Kirchner) tour after a series of near fatal accidents occur during shows and rehearsal. As it turns out, the singer is working hand in hand with an obsessed fan bent on giving the star what she wants, freedom from the emotional pain that appears to be at the heart of her anguish. However, the increasing conflict between DeWitt and Dominic regarding Echo's value to the Dollhouse continues leaving little doubt that a showdown can't be too far behind.

Episode Grade: Dave B  Wayne B-



SyFy presents its newest genre fare, and it is most certainly not for the faint of heart. Grace D'Argento (Christina Ochoa) and policeman Arthur Bailey (Alan Ritchson) team up in the Blood Drive, a cross country automobile race in cars fueled by human blood. Set in a near term dystopian future, viewers are treated to evil androids, sexual situations, a blood spattered femme fatale, and awesomely cool cars. Grindhouse television has arrived. Are audiences ready for it?



Joss Whedon follows the same formula that appeared in the pilot as we follow Echo on a wilderness engagement that turns out to mirror the Richard Connell short story "The Most Dangerous Game." Meanwhile, through a series of flashbacks ,we learn that while Echo's visual glitches may not be as serious as Alpha's murder spree, they exist nonetheless. And Agent Paul Ballard continues to doggedly pursue the Dollhouse despite law enforcement opposition.

Episode Grade: A-



Joss Whedon's cautionary tale Dollhouse takes off with "Ghost" which introduces us to the secret high-end establishment that caters to the ultra wealthy whenever they can't find what it is they want or often need. We follow Caroline Farrell, now known as Echo, as she moves from good time party girl to an extremely competent negotiator tasked with recovering the young daughter of a wealthy businessman.

Episode Grade: Dave  A  Wayne  A-



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